EU Agreement Clears the way for DLT Pilot Regime

Digitized Finance Begins for the Next Generation of Global Bankers

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The European Commission has reached agreement with legislators and financial trade groups on a digitized infrastructure to reshape the EU and, by extension, the global securities markets for a generation. The resolution affects all transactions involving EU securities, including securities loans, by (1) green-lighting the Distributed Ledger Pilot Regime, an effort to foster fintech innovation in the EU, and (2) delaying mandatory buy-ins, a highly contentious aspect of the ongoing sweeping reforms to the EU's securities settlement system. 


Is Securities Finance Blockchain Even Possible?

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The Walmart/IBM Foodtrust deals with a food-store range of item-instances in a finite supplier-line. It's been a significant innovation, but it's not overly complicated. Any average consumer can envision the standard data model. But can a securities-finance level of complexity be recorded by a blockchain?