New Money Fund Reforms: Safer and More Resilient Cash Collateral Pools?

More liquidity, transparency, and safety for institutional investors?

David Schwartz J.D. CPA 0 1654

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted final rules on money market (2a-7) fund reforms. These reforms are designed to make money market funds more resilient and liquid, potentially making them safer and more attractive vehicles for mutual funds to use as collateral pools for their securities lending programs.

SEC Adopts Long Awaited Securities Lending Disclosure Rule

Persuasive Public Comment Helps Mold the Final Rule

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted a new rule, rule 10c-1, to increase transparency in the securities lending market. The rule requires certain persons to report information about securities loans to a registered national securities association (RNSA). The RNSA will then make certain information publicly available. Published in December of 2021, the proposal received considerable public comment, requiring the Commission to extend the initial 30-day comment period twice, once due to a technical problem receiving comments, and then again to consider whether there would be any effects of proposed Rule 13f–2 that the Commission should consider in connection with proposed Rule 10c–1. Throughout the final release, the Commission notes where persuasive public comment informed the ultimate text of the rule.


Archegos Litigation Heats Up

Rogue Trader's Collapse Still Ripples Through the Financial Industry

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Archegos Capital Management, a family office run by Bill Hwang, collapsed in March 2021, leaving its counterparties with over $10 billion in losses. The SEC, CFTC, and DOJ have all filed charges against Archegos and its executives, alleging that they engaged in market manipulation and fraud. The litigation is still ongoing, but the case has already significantly affected the financial industry.

The SEC Unveils its Agenda for 2023

A Busy Mix of New Business and Old

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In its recently updated regulatory flexibility agenda, the Securities and Exchange Commission has set its priorities for 2023. A mix of old and new business, the Commission's 2023 plans include finalizing 29 existing proposals and placing 23 new proposals up for consideration. 

Is T+1 Something We Can All Agree On?

The Industry Reacts to a Compressed Settlement Plan

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In moving to shorten the U.S. securities settlement cycle by one day to T+1, the Securities and Exchange Commission appears to have hit on something upon which virtually everyone can agree. Judging by the comments to the SEC's T+1 proposal, everyone from State Street to the Cornell Securities Law Clinic agrees that moving to T+1 is both desirable and beneficial to risk management in the long run. That said, despite this rare moment of accord between the regulator and the regulated, according to some commenters, some parts of the proposed implementation need attention, fine-tuning, or reconsideration.